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Carpet is our family business that combines the pursuit of profit with the spreading of kindness in a way that benefits all of our stakeholders: our consumers and their families, the artisans and their families, our employees, our suppliers, the buyers and channels we work with. Our business is built on bedrock of values that goes back to my father, Mr. Deepak Maheshwari, that combines kindness as our default demeanor, compassion for those around us, and the humility that everyone deserves dignity. This means that Mahesh Exports will work with all those that stand for these values and it drives us as an organization to work with and tap into the creative capacity of those in society that are disadvantaged or rejected.

  • Established in: 2019
  • Bussiness Type: Sole Proprietorship
  • Business Activities: Manufacturer
  • MSME: Yes
  • Countries exporting to: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United States
  • Export Turnover (3 years): Less than US$100,000
  • Countries would like to export to: France, United Kingdom
  • No of employees: 51-100

Advantages and USP

We offer a wide range of products to our customers that ranges from Floor coverings to Wall Hangings. We have been in continuous search of new patterns and textures which gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us create a name in the industry. We foresee is that in the next 10 years, customers would be looking for new textures from handmade carpet industry. A good texture is hard to find and that’s where we direct our energy to create a texture that breaks the monotony on the floor.


Our products fuse meticulous craftsmanship with contemporary style. They are created with classic hand weaving techniques and rare artful accents to tell a tale that is both timeless and personal. We have always tried to offer something new to our customers and this endeavor to serve our customers with a unique product has always kept us on our toes.

Proposals Interested in

Agency Request, Distributorship Request, Contract Manufacturing, Joint Venture